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-Global Data Provider

High-quality data to your online campaigns

We provide audience data to help you reach across the world. Our focus is gaming data - we provide over 500 segments of players from all over the world. With our data you can reach users on the basis of MAIDs, or various IDs, including cookieless ones.


High-quality gaming data to your online campaigns

As a part of Cloud Technologies Group, we hold advanced technologies for big data analytics, and we’ve got access to high-quality data about online users.


High-quality gaming data to your online campaigns

Our data is processed in compliance with privacy laws, so we comply with GDPR & CCPA. We’re ready for a cookieless future - we provide data not only based on cookies, but also on cookieless IDs, such as Public IDs or MAIDs.


Global Data Provider


OAN is founded. Vertical ad network starded to monetize online inventory.


We became a part of CT Group and started to use data solutions for better targeted ads. Programmatic skills acquired.


We started to collect data from publishers and campaigns using a DMP technology developed in CT Group.


We deliver audience data to our partners across the globe. Our focus is gaming industry, but our database includes millions of user profiles interested in various non-gaming areas.

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